Level Packs




Bat Dan

A hard worker because of his tiny wings.


Formerly a prop in a 6th grade biology classroom. She really loves her dental plan.

Count Phil

Famous for his catch phrase "Ooh that burns!" and his killer

fondue recipe.


A rabid vegetarian, but his eyesight is so bad he ends up eating

a lot of brains.


Once an opera singer, now a hardcore wrapper.

Pink Blob

Son of literal parents. Creeping to pay off his extensive optometry bills.


Often mistaken for an alien, but really a lost octopus.

Lord Brain Head

The first creep to learn how to spin instead of just fidget.

Tentacle Noggin

He used to wear a lot of hats, but now he embraces his cranial appendages.


Evolved a chitinous grimace to protect himself from joy.

King Hodor

He was never the same after a tragic chapstick accident.


An electric personality charged with the revolting crime of battery.

Dull Jelly

Always fights battles of wits unarmed. Which is ironic since he has so many.

Unconfident Crab

Got fake eyestalk implants to make him look taller. Tell him it looks natural.

Dangler Fish

Everyone tries to correct him, but he insists that's his name.

Mono Urchin

A nice guy but don't every invite him to a don't pop any balloon party.


An early adoptor in the mobile home phenomenon.

Tri Top

Known for his weaving and fushigi skills.


Wanted to get braces but the wait list was 150 million years long.


Crustacean and programmer extraordinaire.


He's sassy and spiky, but he has a soft spot for old people.


He likes to swoop swoop ba-doop.


Notorious for not reaching for the bill and an awful pugilist.

Evil Gift

Presently wrapping up a taping of an interview for the daily paper.

Evil Cupcake

A serious baked bad.

Evil Heart

He will beat you up and kick your aorta. Also a ventricle-uist.

Evil Chocolate

One bite of this guy will cure any sweet tooth.  He's bitter, 99% cacao bitter.

Evil Cupid

Babies with wings and sharp teeth are creepy.

Evil  Mutant Teddy

He seems nice enough until he tears your arms off.


Four-Leafed freakishness

Coin Face

The origins of his name are unknown. His parents said he was worthless. They were wrong.

Mad Hat

If you doff this guy you will surely look sharp.

Horseshoe Joe

Tired of being trod upon he now bites everything. That's no mean feet.

Betty Banshee

Not a good neighbor unless you like ear bleeding shrieking.

Leper Khan

Raised by vampiric genie's, Khan has a bit of an identity crisis thing going on.

Evil Egg

He doesn't look eggceptionally evil but he is. That's no yolk.

Happy Basket

I don't know why he's trying to hurt you, he's so happy.

Not a Peep

If you make a sound he'll find you and bit you with his mallow teeth.

Carroty Kid

This guy's an orange belt in carroty.  That's why you can't see it.

Jolly Bean

He was jolly until the third eye came in. Now he's cherry angry.

Hare on Fire

You'd be mad if you ate 2 dozen habaneros too.

Cheery Bomb

His upbeat demeanor belies his explosive temper.

Cone and D-Librarian

D-Librarian left him recently. I'm not sure why he's so happy.

Rocket Face

He makes those swirly whistley explosions. They're very nice.

Snake Pellet

Not as flashy as his friends and he's got a lot of personal growth ahead of him.


This rotating fool will roll you with angular momentum and centripetal force, ya hear?

Pagoda Pete

His two younger brothers live in his head. Stop complaining about your situation.


The head creep. He's cute and he got the Creeps a great dental plan.

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